Apply Online

If you have not previously made an application to the Frey Foundation...

To ensure that completing an application to the Frey Foundation is a good use of your time, we encourage you to review the preliminary eligibility questions below.

  1. Are you a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization or governmental unit?
  2. Do you serve our target geographic focus areas?
  3. Does your program or project match one or more of our focus areas - Nurturing Community Arts, Community Capital Projects, Enhancing the Lives of Children and Their Families, Encouraging Civic Progress, Protecting the Environment or Strengthening Philanthropy?

If you've answered yes to all three of the above questions, we're interested in hearing from you. We welcome a dialogue before filling out our on-line application. You can reach us at (616) 451-0303 or

If you've answered no to one or more of the above questions, but you think we still might have an interest in your proposal, feel free to contact us.

If you are ready to apply...

For those applicants with whom we've had a meeting or conversation about a project idea, and with whom we've mutually agreed upon the pursuit of a grant, we welcome your submission of a grant application.

We encourage you to use our on-line application. Alternatively, the print application is available for download. Commonly asked questions about the on-line application can be found in the FAQs section of the website. Please note, there is a separate application and budget worksheet for Nurturing Community Arts applicants.

If you have started the on-line application...

Applicants wishing to return to a previously started application can click here to re-access it.

Additionally, there are several FAQs that pertain to the on-line application which may be helpful as you work through the on-line application process.

If you have been awarded a grant...

Partners who have been notified of a grant award may find the following documents useful:

  • News Release Guidelines (154 KB, PDF) - general guidelines that may help garner media attention for your project or program
  • Financial Report (46 KB, DOC) - to be submitted with periodic progress reports as outlined in your grant agreement

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